“Hill CDC came in to my life completely by chance and has been the family that I don’t have, since I have moved here. A year ago my son and I had moved to a new city, I took a new job, we got a new home and we knew one person. Finding an exemplary daycare was high on my list and a friend at work suggested Hill; thank goodness she did. My son has flourished under the love, guidance, teachings and Christian values imparted by Hill staff.

He has been encouraged to express himself, try new things, make new friends (that don’t always look like him), to be kind, to be polite and most of all, my son is enjoying his childhood. He has gotten to explore the zoo, release butterflies, learn sign language, practice bike safety, play in the sprinklers with his friends and he is learning how to be a little more self reliant, each day.

The best part of being a Hill parent, is knowing that I don’t have to worry about my child while I am at work. I trust the staff to treat him with kindness, respect and love. He raves about his teachers, and as a parent, I know that I have chosen to leave my child in the hands of good people.

I am so thankful for the support that I receive from the staff and the memories that my son is making. Nothing in my life matters more than my son and his well being, Hill CDC helps me realize this goal every single day.”

Tiana Cannon

Proud, Mighty Hill Parent



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